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Insanely simple
  • 副标题:《疯狂的简洁》英文版
  • 作者:Ken Segall
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Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success
Life is a combination of skill and luck. I won’t claim to be the most skilled person in my profession, but I’m definitely one of the luckiest. Between NeXT and Apple, I got to work with Steve Jobs for over a decade.
It wasn’t always easy. It might not even have been healthy. But it was always exciting, and I’ll forever be in Steve’s debt for the lessons I learned.
Steve passed away before I finished this book. Though his death was expected, part of me refused to expect it. I secretly clung to the hope that maybe, possibly, his health was better than it appeared. I didn’t want to think of the world without him.
So in addition to its original business purpose, this book has taken on a personal meaning. I wish to pay tribute to Steve—for all he’s contributed to the world and for the opportunities he gave me personally.
I didn’t invent the concepts in this book. I merely observed them. Thank you, Steve, for making things so simple.
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